Most of you know the struggles I have endured, and some of you have no idea the trials we have made it through. We have been able to accomplish many things as a family and I have been able to reach and obtain some goals that were thought to be impossible 5 or 6 years ago thanks to the love and support of our many friends and family members. This website is a work in progress and we hope you will continue to have us in your thoughts and prayers and we take our next steps along this journey on Earth.

Aubrey Owen and daughters Alexis and Jaelyn


I cannot express my excitement for the years to come as our greatest blessings continue to grow and thrive. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments along the way with you.


Brey Owen & Girls

Aubrey Owen graduation photo cap and gown Kansas State University Aubrey Owen single mom photo with her kids and her degree from KSU