Find Missing German Shepherd in Kansas City! – We found him thank you!!! Aubrey Owen

Woke up this morning and went out on the front step to think. Everything is off with this dog missing. He greets me at the bedroom door when I wake up every morning. While sitting on the front porch I noticed that there were dogs barking down the street. Any other day I would not have noticed the background noise. It was as though I could hear him stuck somewhere. Barron is still missing and is a part of this family. He runs with me around Waldo, he greets me at the door after work, before bed he walks me to my room, when Lex goes outside to play I know she is safe because he goes with her. He is our living guardian and angel.

We have had many gatherings where he is allowed to come and go outside, but the dog was trained to stay in the yard. Even when we all came inside and left him out back a group of 20 of us turned and sure enough he is sitting by the front door seemingly saying “you forgot me”. The fear is that he has been stolen so if anyone can help keep eyes on dogs for sale we will be forever in your debt. We miss him dearly and he hasn’t even been missing for 24 hours. Help us bring Barron home.

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