The greatest time to live is Kansas City is now!!!

Now is the greatest time to be a Kansas City fan. We have so much to be grateful for right now! We have the most amazing teams to be proud of right now. One can tell since last night’s game and all the #BeRoyalKC posts that are flooding the internet. We truly have the greatest fans on the planet!  If you look at the bigger picture starting in April Sporting KC gave us something to be proud of. We have broken the record for the loudest outdoor stadium twice now, don’t think we will ever stop being the loudest! In Kansas City we are DIE HARD FANS and we will root for our teams in the cold and rain even if they don’t win.

It just so happens that not only are our teams all awesome but they are all showing us what we weathered the cold all these years for!!! Last year the Chiefs gave us renewed strength. The blessings continue to pour in with the Monday night stomping the Chiefs put on the Patriots, and who can forget last nights amazing game against the A’s that put us in the PostSeason Playoffs!? The Royals and the Chiefs are showing us the heart and soul that we fans have put in for so many years. We cannot be more proud of our teams and our City for what has been built and the accomplishments that have come out of all the hard work and dollars spent to get us here! We are so excited to see what is next. Just want to give a great big shout out to the most amazing TEAMS and FANS that have ever walked the EARTH! GO KANSAS CITY!!!!!!! Let’s show ’em what we are made of! Thanks for being a part of something amazing that none of us will ever forget and no one from outside the Greater Metropolitan area will ever understand!!!!!!

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