My theory on making each day count…

We are only granted these moments for so long…

Think about it, in a few years the kids will be all grown up and they won’t have time for you anymore. The weird part is that when we are parents it also seems that our lives become much busier in our careers as well. It is an amazing time in life and in general, but if we are not careful the best times will come and go and we will not even remember the silly little moments because we are too busy stressing about the grown up stuff.

I recently committed to stressing less about the grown up stuff and focusing more on what I can do really well. All the other stuff will come in time and get what you can get done each and every day. The photos above are the moments that one can forget or not even recognize in the moment because we are too worried about what other people are doing or what is on our phone.

Parents caught up in smart phone ignore child - Aubrey Owen

Starting this month I really want to try to focus less on the phone and more on the girls when we have time together. I spend so much time at work or even working in the evenings at home that I tend to not even realize they are craving my attention. The commercial was dead on…I vow to stop looking at my phone and start paying attention to them. Whatever it is that is important can wait til they go to bed. Have an awesome weekend! American Royal here I come! Make it count!!

Lex and Dad - Aubrey Owen



Happy Birthday Dad, and Lexi!!! Love you!

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