Amazing how other people can change your whole world!

Aubrey Owen girl

These girls are my whole world! It is truly amazing how having them in my life has completely altered the outcome of life this far…I cannot imagine life without them and therefore cannot for one second regret the past because without all of it this life would be altered.

There is so much more to come in this world I cannot wait to see what is thrown our way. They make every day better and when things get tough and I wonder how I am going to be able to handle daycare, and school tuition, church tithing, and sports camps, bills, house repairs, food, clothes,etc. I turn and realize all of those things will work themselves out because this is where we are meant to be right now!

About Brey Owen

Live for today...hope for tomorrow... Motivated, driven, focused, love work, love the Lord and strive to be a better person everyday. Brey Owen