Watch yourself…focus on the positive

Yes, day to day life can be daunting! If you choose to seek out the good things that came from today you will find your evening winds down much better.

One thing many people don’t realize it that mind control is half the battle. It is the most difficult part of the human body to control. Meditation is what it is because the mind does not quiet easily. Try it tonight, before you go to bed or even right now, stop for about 30 seconds and think of nothing. Complete blankness. I know! It is sooo hard!

Aubrey Owen clouds clearing your mind

OK do it again this time when your mind starts racing picture clouds to clear the thoughts and back to silence.

Nice…since when do we just enjoy the peace and quiet. Once you find it that means you have calmed the negative thoughts too! Now you are ready…think glass half full and GO!

At one point recently I was struggling to find the positive parts of my day, week, month, year, new job, etc…and I started looking thru my photos. Bam it hit me these were awesome moments I felt were worth shooting and therefore positive moments of the day. Hope they make you laugh and truly hope you can calm the negativity too…so much better this way!


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