Kansas City Chiefs!!!!’

Don’t you just love living in Kansas City during Chiefs season?!?! Technical difficulties for certain broadcasts made it more difficult to be a Chiefs fan anywhere else. The score ended up 40-26 Chiefs win!

Out to lunch yesterday after church I realized that Brookside is one of the best places to be when the Chiefs score! Hearing the entire restaurant erupt into screams and cheers for the best team on the planet was truly amazing! Grateful they won, but the best part was Jaelyn realizing that everyone else in the City loves the Chiefs just as much as I do. It was in that moment when the whole place was clapping and cheering that she said, “I’m from Kansas City mom!” I said, “Born and raised honey!” So cool to see how proud she is to be a fan! The next thing you know, they score and we yell together “TOUCHDOWN Kan-SA-CITY!!!!!!” Absolutely made my entire week!

Jaelyn posing for the touch down shout

Then this photo from 7 years ago popped up of Lex and I grinned from ear to ear! Absolutely blessed and thank God everyday for bringing them into my life! It’s the little things that count in life! This is one of my little things. 😁 Hope you have an awesome week!!!!

Lex 7 years ago!

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