Happy Birthday Izzy!

This day is a day that should be celebrated and never forgotten. Hard to believe that Izzy would have been 12 years old today! The weirdest part is no matter how long it has been since I lost you, the pain remains. This year my heart still stings with that sharp, debilitating, stabbing feeling. I always think that next year it will be easier, but it never gets easier. You just get use to the pain.

Izabella Riane Owen 12 years

We miss you everyday and wish you were here

I wish you could see how your sisters have grown. They have turned into beautiful, amazing, happy, helpful, loving, caring, kind, compassionate human beings. Someday you will all meet each other and my heart will rejoice. Until then we will miss you and wonder how you are doing and know you are looking down on all of us!

All my love,


To those of you that Izzy’s life has touched,

In remembrance of Izzy I am working towards starting the Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas City. It is a non-profit organization that will allow for resources as well as checks and balances to be in place so that underprivileged children don’t slip thru the cracks in the system. After all it is not their fault their parents made mistakes. I will keep you posted and begin fundraising in the next 2 years in order to meet this 5 year goal. Already have business plan and have met with several boards including CASA. I hope you will help support the cause when the time comes. Thanks for all your love, guidance, and support. Izzy allowed me to see a side of the world thru different eyes and showed me that there is a need. Her name will not be forgotten!

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