How to keep your family together during tough times and busy lives…

Family get together making it happen no matter how difficult or busy Aubrey Owen

When family sticks together and makes it a point to get together Aubrey Owen Top Key Points on how to keep the family together during difficult busy times..

This group of people gather every year for family celebrations long after our Matriarch has passed away.

Top Key pointers for keeping the family together during difficult and busy times:

1) Stay in touch via phone, text, cards, letters, visits, and social media.

2) When making plans the best way to ensure that everyone will be able to attend, touch base and get dates that work from everyone. Typically my Aunt plans multiple months in advanced by providing a couple of options or dates that will work. When it doesn’t work she makes it a point to work around schedules.

3) Follow up and assign what you need help with to make it happen. It takes a couple of minutes to shoot an email update of who can make it when and what they can bring. This allows a reminder to everyone to make sure the date agreed on works for everyone and everyone gets put on the calendar.

4) Communicate…this picture was for an Easter Celebration that was actually a few weeks late, but it was ten times more wonderful because of all the people that were able to make it.

5) Make sure that when you do have everyone, go out of their way to get together to enjoy time with family, that you make a point to engage with everyone there. In order for people to want to return next time they are invited make sure that you go out of your way to make them feel special and appreciated for coming. I enjoy catching up with everyone especially when we haven’t seen eachother in a while. If you invite someone to spend time with you being able to catch up on their lives allows for the bond and relationships to continue. Mingle in order to find out things you may never know if you don’t ask.

We have been able to blend this extended family due to effort on all parties and especially our Aunt that makes sure to plan ahead and ask if we can make it or what works best.

I cannot thank this group of people enough for helping support us and continuing to include us in the family stuff. You guys are so much fun to get together with and we always feel welcomed and loved.

Thank you for continuing to invite and plan such fabulous gatherings.

Love Ya, Aubrey Owen

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