The Power of Positivity…by Aubrey Owen

There are many things in life that seem overwhelming and daunting but I am here to prove that there are always two ways to look at every situation. The OCD side of me would address the photo of Jaelyn and Baron in my bed as oh my gosh the wet towel on my bed is going to ruin my comforter and the dog hairs are not going to come off in the wash. The Positive Polly side of me says oh my gosh what a cute photo op of a little girl and her dog. I found them in my bed like this and chose to see the smile on Baron’s face and the little girl who missed her puppy/protector who is now happy he is home.

I have seen some crazy stuff in my life, I have dealt with some very trying situations, and have struggled a great deal with loss, as well as fighting to prove myself to everyone that I can be successful and a good mom in the process. All along the path I have taken I have encountered many different types of characters and had to maneuver some very interesting situations. Needless to say I am a survivor and I have survived because of number 1) GOD! and 2) POSITIVE thought.

Since there are always two ways that a situation can be viewed there is always that possibility to be seeing the glass half empty. What took a long time to learn was how to train yourself to think positive. Some people come by it naturally, but others it take patience and retraining your brain.

Literally retrain your brain…I used this process when I was trying not to cuss and surrounded by people who cuss. Every time someone said a bad word I would just say a good word in it’s place in my head. Eventually I didn’t even hear the bad words anymore my brain corrected them automatically.

For people who wonder why I have been able to become so successful it is because I  don’t let the negative, nasty, stuff bring me down. I focus on what I have been blessed with and what I hope to accomplish. No energy is ever wasted on negativity about myself or others and that is how you focus on you and stay true to your purpose in life.

Stay positive and you will reach your goals…


By Aubrey Owen

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Live for today...hope for tomorrow... Motivated, driven, focused, love work, love the Lord and strive to be a better person everyday. Brey Owen