Sibling rivalry at it’s greatest… – Aubrey Owen

Those of you that know my brother and I know that we did not always get along. If you are friends with both of us you know how we fought over attention from our friends too. I am smiling just recalling the times we shared hating each other because we were trying to love our friends, family, parents,etc more than the other. This photo below is a silly affirmation that no matter how large or small the age gap, or no matter how much one on one attention you give the people you care about, there is an innate jealousy in all of us.

This day Lex was leaning up against my chest watching TV and Jaelyn came running up yelling, “Yap yap yap!” and then began scaling my arm to get on my lap. She pushed Lex out of the way. It is clear by Lexi’s face that she is not happy about it, but I can’t help but laugh because I remember fighting my brother for the spot light many times. Mostly during grade cards and holidays when he was the star stealing the show. It is comical how you can forget these things until a moment of jealousy brings back the memories like a ton of bricks. I will work on making sure Lex and I get more one on one time when Jaelyn goes to bed, but really there is not any amount of attention that will stop the jealousy even if it is not warranted when it comes to someone you love dearly. Oh the joys of being fought over for lap space. Hope your week is as blessed as mine!

by Aubrey Owen

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