Thank you God for showing me mercy by blessing me with these beautiful girls!

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me a chance to be these AMAZING human being’s Mom! Even if our time is limited, even if they are only granted to me for a limited time, as they are YOUR children, I promise to guide and protect them, and provide for them until YOU show them YOUR plan for their lives to do YOUR Intentional WILL. Thank you to all those who have supported and loved these young women! I am forever in your debt!!!! They would not be so grounded and so amazing if it wasn’t for the wonderful support the community has shown us. A huge thank you to all the friends, family, and community, that has helped us through these scary and difficult times. You guys have no idea how seeing healthy family relationship and families has helped them process all we have gone through. Thank for helping show me how to be a better mom. Thank you to all the mom’s that helped get the girls to games and practices for me. You are truly amazing women I admire so much. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing community. Truly, Brey – Photos courtesy of @Willsnapyourphoto

Hannah Grace – Samantha Christine

She turned 20 years old this year! So grateful God gave her such an amazing family that has helped her through the difficult times and were able to provide her the medical care she needed that I was unable to. True blessings.

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