For mom’s of teenage girls…

I started volunteering for Awesome Ambitions back a year or so ago. If you are a mom concerned about what school your child is going to go to or how you are going to ensure she makes it to college, then you should start planning to attend Saturday meetings with Awesome Ambition’s mentors and Founder Cynthia Newsome! (Pictured below)

Cynthia Newsome

The organization founded over 20 years ago by Cythia Newsome, news anchor, is put in place to help 8th-12th grade young women get on the right track to be able to further their education and better their career in the future.

On this particular day the girls brought gifts for the less fortunate. We sang and ate and had a wonderful time. Many times their are field trips and meetings scheduled tours etc for the women to learn more about other careers and job opportunities. My favorite one is when the KC Star Editor joins us to show the women how to write their own story in order to be able to provide solid essays for scholarships.

Please realize I almost am never able to make it to the meetings…I mainly helped with the website design, but if your daughter is getting ready to go into 8th grade this is a group you should consider getting involved in.

Feels good to be back…Women’s empowerment!

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