Know your worth…

One thing I want to tell all the young women in this world, there will be times when you get knocked down. Outside forces can take everything from you and leave you completely isolated and alone. There are only two things that can never be taken from you…well technically three. (If you are anti-religious stop reading now)

Three things that cannot ever be taken from you:


Self worth

Love for others (Jesus’ Love)

No matter where you go in this huge world the knowledge you acquire while you are young will continue to strengthen your wisdom as time passes. Do not ever take for granted the power of knowledge.

Self worth is a whole different ball game. If you do not know who you are or who you are meant to be then the best solution is to evaluate your situation. If you are with someone, spend time with, or even work with someone that makes you question your value, then it is time to stop being with, spending time with, or working with that person. Life is too short.

Love for others is a highly under estimated asset in life. The number one rule that Jesus taught in his time here on Earth was to LOVE others! Above all else love others. It is truly amazing to feel that connection or see the spark in the eye of someone who needed a smile just then, or the door was held open for them. It only takes one act of kindness showing someone else (Jesus’) love and it instantly lifts you up!

If you don’t know me I am pictured on the right. I use to write a blog post at least once a month. I went thru a serious struggle after I allowed people to use and abuse me. It has taken a lot of self evaluation and self work to remember who I am and who I am meant to be.

I have been acting shy and timid towards many people out of fear. I recently heard this song on KLove and realized that I have allowed my fear to control me. From now on fear you don’t own me!

No longer will I see myself as unworthy. I stopped writing in this blog because I lost my self worth. Now I’m back and stronger than ever… let’s see how we can make this planet a better place each and everyday! I want to be a better mom because of all the mom’s I encounter everyday at school games, practices, events, and fundraisers.

I am not the best mom on the planet I am strict and monitor everything, but I try to be a better person everyday and that helps.

Thanks to my kids I have survived a lot. They deserve better from all of us. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you. A huge thanks to the friends and family I have that have helped me thru the tough times looking forward to the next chapter.

About Brey Owen

Live for today...hope for tomorrow... Motivated, driven, focused, love work, love the Lord and strive to be a better person everyday. Brey Owen