Sobbing histerically like a baby…single Mom Holidays

This is going to sound dumb and embarrassing but I don’t care…

I came home last night to a clean home thanks to my wonderful parents who were able to pick up presents for my girls from the amazing Prosperity Program and Catholic Charities!

Sitting here this morning I looked thru the gifts that were donated to help during this difficult time before the launch of our new technology. I saw a bag of undies size 14 for my oldest daughter and I hit my knees sobbing. Thank you Heavenly Father for the suffering and loss. Thank you for the wonderful people that were so kind to get gifts for my girls since I am not able this year.

Who knew that a bag of panties would overwhelm me to the point of tears. Thank you Leoni and Aisha for all you do to help our community!!!

I have never needed or wanted for anything and with the girl’s dad refusing to pay child support and me not having been paid for months I am just so grateful for caring kind people who make these holidays bearable.

A huge thank you to Toney and Shane for giving me some spending money to be able to get the girls some presents for xmas. I just cannot express to you how broken our system is and how bad I feel for all the mom’s out there that have been thru horrific domestic violence situations. I pray for all of you. These undies made me hit my knees thanking the Lord for the suffering because I am grateful he has allowed me to witness what so many single mom’s go thru. The fear for safety for themselves and their children is so severe that the presents don’t even cross their minds.

I will never be able to personally thank the people that made these gifts possible but all of you who have gone out of your way to help others during this season deserve a metal of honor. You may be struggling yourselves but you still took time to give back. Thank you for all you do!!!

The top 1% should be ashamed of themselves and if I have anything to say about it they will not benefit from our technology until they realize how much they are hurting people.

I will make a difference for single mom’s and I will impact chance for business owners that care about their community. Thank you to all of those people who have been selfless. It is because of you that I am on my knees thanking God for your kindness.

Life is worth living mom’s…don’t give up…it will get better and your kids will be better people for it. My girls are so amazing that they will be happy to open new underwear for xmas. Thank you for these amazing blessing you brought into my life. Please continue to guide me to do YOUR will and not mine.

All my love,

Aubrey Owen

Happy Tears!

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