When you are happy the enemy will always try to kill, steal, and destroy…

This day and age people don’t realize that human nature is to share the positives in life, the good things and good news. No one ever posts stuff about how depressed they are, how much money they lost on their last risk, how bad their marriage is…

When people seem genuinely happy there will always be those people that want to take away your joy. The interesting part about it is that typically the people that judge and criticize the most are the one’s who have done worse or are hiding far more than anyone can ever imagine. When you are being knocked down, tripped, and kicked while you are down…Always remember that they are projecting their own issues of insecurity, self hate, and secrets onto you.

You don’t own their issues. You don’t own their hate. You don’t own their drama. You are you! God loves you! God was with you thru it all. God saw your suffering and your loss and HE is the one that helped you thru. HE is the one that helped you survive. HE is the one that will continue to use you for HIS good.

Keep on keeping on!!! Let the haters hate and the LOVE shine thru! I am the best example of mistakes made, loss, and suffering and at the end of the day I have overcome more hate and more trials, tribulations than anyone will ever know. I LOVE YOU! I know you are reading this because you needed to feel God’s love in your life. He loves you! You deserve so much better than this world has to offer, but if you open your eyes, take off the vail, and realize that HE is sending little blessings each day to show you HIS LOVE!

If putting people down or looking down on others makes you feel better about yourself and increases your self worth so be it! As long as you know you are an amazing creature of God created for GOOD and you deserve to be loved too then you have already won! It is already done. Those of us that have suffered the most and been thru hell were put here to take the enemy’s attacks. God knows we are strong enough to handle it. He knows our love for Him is strong enough to withstand the pain and suffering and loss. We will get thru this. If you need to vent or just need someone to look down your nose at I am here for you in so many ways. Keep the faith and never let the enemy win!!! Don’t let them steal your joy! You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be loved! Truly LOVED…

All my love,

For those that have been my warriors, rock, support, and strength thru the tough times you are the true angels on Earth and I cannot express my gratitude for everything you do and have done for me. -Cheers to another amazing day on this planet- 🙂

It is already done!

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