Transitioning this blog to post current events and keep everyone updated on our lives- Aubrey Owen

I have decided to use this site as an outlet to express myself with everything I have dealt with in the past and everything we are going through currently as a family. This website was initially developed to help find our dog when he went missing. The more I have thought about it the more I realize that it is a good place to provide updates and keep everyone posted on happenings with the family and in our lives. We have many loved ones across the United States and want to keep them up to speed on what is going on with our family. If you do not know us and are not interested in what is going on with us please do not follow this blog. 🙂
This post is to address the past several years a glimpse into the lives of the Owen – Huston family.
Over the past four years our family has expanded and grown together beautifully. I chose to update everyone on the past four years because I use to be very good at updating everyone via newsletter before then and have fallen short since then.
4 years ago I was working 3 jobs and Mark, Lexi and I moved back to Kansas City into a small apartment in Overland Park, KS. I began attending Kansas State University again to further my education studying Social Science with an Emphasis on Psychology. Mark studied flooring from Terrazzo to tile work and masonry. After a year we decided to move to Olathe to save up to buy a house and get married. When it came time to get married we were still living with my parents in Olathe and chose to use the wedding funds to buy a house instead. Two years ago I bought a house in Kansas City. I took a position with Digital Sherpa as a Consultant for Businesses nationwide for marketing online. We joined the St. Elizabeth’s Community and became members of the St. Elizabeth’s Church. Alexis started school there in first grade. We have come to find a wonderful community of people there that are truly helpful and kind who realize it takes a village to raise a child. We are blessed to be a part of this community and continue to seek guidance in everything it takes to raise a family.
Since joining the community Alexis Diane has been actively involved in Girlscouts, Brookside Soccer Club, Softball, Volleyball, Hip Hop, and Basketball. She has seen the world through different eyes when we volunteer at places like the Kansas City Rescue Mission, the Hope House, and Children’s Mercy Ronald McDonald House.  We have slowly been able to influence Mark to follow the Chiefs and the Royals. We have now added another wonderful member to the family, our beloved Jaelyn in February.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Kansas State University in Social Sciences primary focus in Psychology in August of 2014. I know I am forgetting a ton of stuff, but for now this is what I have. I hope you all know how much we love you and cherish your continued love and support. Since we have not been very good at sending birthday cards, or newsletters keeping you up to date we hope that this will help keep lines of communication open and bring you up to speed on our humble little lives. We miss you all and love you more! We will try to post on a regular basis to keep you up to date.  – Aubrey Owen

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