Lex is an amazing big sister! – Aubrey Owen

She was so excited to have a little sister and couldn’t wait for her to get here. Now that she is here she cannot stop picking her up, playing games with her, reading to her, and loving our wonderful bundle of joy. Since she was born Lex has had trouble answering the question, “What do you think of being a big sister?”. Although she doesn’t know how to respond it is easy to see she is fascinated with Jaelyn and cannot wait for her to start crawling, walking, and running. Jaelyn already studies her face and when she is talking or singing she cannot stop staring at Lexi’s lips. It is these moments that make all the suffering and loss worth it in the end. These moments when you catch a glimpse of the world through their eyes are the true moments of heaven on Earth. Thank you Lord for blessing our family with these two truly amazing human beings. We cannot imagine life without them. – Aubrey Owen

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