Has it already been a year since he Died???!?!?! By Aubrey Owen

I cannot believe it has already been a year since my Mentor passed away! He completely changed my life and helped me realize my abilities by allowing me access to teach myself graphic design, while he taught me marketing and sales. My kids have a better mom because of him. I will never be able to thank him or repay him for spending time to teach me, but I owe it all to him and the Lord! He never knew how much he saved my life. He helped me learn how to stay focused on work when Mark tried to sever my rights as a mom and give Lex up for adoption to his parents. He helped me stay calm and show the Judges who I had become and the truth. Thanks to Fred P. Braun Jr. (and several bosses that gave me a chance after him) I have been offered a job to be Senior Vice President of MDC Group Inc. and have been able to the best mom I can for Alex and Jaelyn. He taught me to forgive and not judge and give people a second chance. He taught me to focus and create urgency. It has been a long path, but because of him I am a better person today. I miss you each and everyday Fred and I thank you, your wife, and your whole family for all you did for me. I know you are looking out for me from above.

By Aubrey Owen 20170527_121951.png

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