I am calling this one K-State Corner!

Aubrey Owen Graduation Photo in cap and gown Bachelor's Degree from Kansas State University 2014 Distance Course Kansas City

For those of you that know me well you know how hard I worked to get this degree and how far I have come. You know the sacrifices I had to make and the many nights I had to leave a gathering for finals or miss out on something in order to get a paper done.  While re-arranging some stuff to fill in the bare spots that were left behind my brother found my diploma. Thank God for tall people. Now I was able to place it in the frame from last Christmas. Thanks mom for thinking to get one! It looks great.

Even though it seems tough and some days unbareable the hard work pays off in the end and things will finally start falling into place. Keep your chin up and your eyes on the Lord and he will guide you all along the way! The photo below didn’t make the cut for the corner, but still felt like sharing. Guess it gives me some sense of pride to be able to have the photo to share.

Aubrey Owen Class of 2014 Kansas State University attended KSU

If you know about the real situation with our little family right now stay tuned this link will have important information and steps on how to help fix our broken system. There are many people who are much worse off that need our help and I am sick of standing by and waiting for someone else to make a change.

Something has to change and we will be that change. Stay strong, focused, determined, and you/we will persevere!

By Aubrey Owen

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Live for today...hope for tomorrow... Motivated, driven, focused, love work, love the Lord and strive to be a better person everyday. Brey Owen