Happy New Year!!! 2015

As many of you know I was having a difficult time this Christmas Season and am looking forward to the New Year. I even had a difficult time choosing a Happy New Year Photo to send out to people so I am just going to share them all. (Below are the choices)

I could not get motivated to shop and buy gifts this year. We ended up having the most amazing Christmas anyway thanks to friends and family. It started with a well needed trip to Oklahoma City to visit The Murphy Anderson Family which ended up being therapy for us all.

Then we took a family vacation with The Bias Family which was such a great time relaxing! We even got to see Santa! The Jack Nicholas Golf course at The Top of the Rock was sooo beautiful! Mark made out like a champ riding the rides with Lex although he was incredibly dizzy when it was done…haha

Next was a lovely Christmas eve night spent with Grandma Ally and the whole gang! Santa is always magical there…the morning was full of wonderful surprises and laughter.

And finally to Grandma Becky and Papa Jay’s house for Christmas dinner of Crab Legs and gifts! Had a truly blessed Christmas and could not ask for anything more. Going into the New Year we are incredibly grateful for the wonderful things that have happened in our lives this past year. With my Graduation from Kansas State University, my wonderful job at Digital Sherpa with an amazing team of people and even more amazing boss, Jaelyn joining our family, Lexi turning 9 and most of all we are grateful for Mark’s new job! He starts on January 12th! Keep him in your prayers that he will do amazing things and be able to use his talents well with this opportunity. We could not do it without the Lord’s love and guidance. Please guide us into this year to come! Here we come 2015! Let’s Rock it Out!

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