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Lexi Huston, Mark Douglas Huston Jr., Aubrey Owen
Today was picture day for St. Elizabeth’s school and the first year Alexis has been able to wear a non uniform outfit for picture day. Oh the little things about […]

Seriously can’t get over the blessings!!

Aubrey Owen, Awesome Ambitions, Mentor Program, Kansas City School of Nursing
Thanks to I have new headshots. Will was at the launch event for Awesome Ambitions a non-profit organization mentoring girls 8th grade to 12th to prepare for their future […]

Headshots for professional use…

Alexis Diane Huston, Kansas City Chiefs, cheerleading outfit, Aubrey Owen
Don’t you just love living in Kansas City during Chiefs season?!?! Technical difficulties for certain broadcasts made it more difficult to be a Chiefs fan anywhere else. The score ended […]

Kansas City Chiefs!!!!’

It is 76 degrees here people!!! Why do I not live in Vegas all the time? Oh right because it is crazy here…I was walking down to see the strip […]

Las Vegas 2nd time in a month!

One thing I want to tell all the young women in this world, there will be times when you get knocked down. Outside forces can take everything from you and […]

Know your worth…

I started volunteering for Awesome Ambitions back a year or so ago. If you are a mom concerned about what school your child is going to go to or how […]

For mom’s of teenage girls…