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There are many things in life that seem overwhelming and daunting but I am here to prove that there are always two ways to look at every situation. The OCD […]

The Power of Positivity…by Aubrey Owen

This girl steals my heart and brings so much joy and laughter to our lives! Proud of how well she did! It hit me this weekend how blessed we are […]

Basketball Tournament this weekend!

Our stuffed elf Rosalee got jealous of the elf on the shelf Alice and stole her sucker and locked her in the candle holder. The girls made a massive fort. […]

Had a little too much fun this weekend!

This day is a day that should be celebrated and never forgotten. Hard to believe that Izzy would have been 12 years old today! The weirdest part is no matter […]

Happy Birthday Izzy!

Lex and Dad - Aubrey Owen
We are only granted these moments for so long… Think about it, in a few years the kids will be all grown up and they won’t have time for you […]

My theory on making each day count…